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Atomic Manhattan Subwoofer

Atomic Manhattan Subwoofer


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Manhattan MA Subwoofer

Quick Specs

750Watts RMS
Street bass woofer addicted
Excellent for small sealed Enclosure and ported.
Capable of reproducing low frequency down to To 30Hz with accuracy.
High Excursion with Butyl rubber surround.

  • Details

    " It's almost as much fun to look at as it is to listen to. Bragging rights begin with a vacuum deposit aluminum polymica cone, vented-magnetic-gap, thermal efficient technology, high speed motor assembly, heavy duty suspension system and bolt-down spider reinforcement. What all that means… It just sound better and last forever!!"

    Common features:
    1. Butyl rubber surround, ultra compliance, ultra durability, provide long excursion capability
    2. Wide and heavy high energy magnet
    3. Rigid cone and dust cap to reinforce membrane structure integrity
    4. Over sized lead wire stitched on the spider, conduct signal current with ease, minimum loss
    5. Proprietary damper material restore and rebalancing its excursion linearity
    6. High tech, high temp engineered voice coil
    7. Combined with optimum simulated motor structure
    8. Low carbon steel motor design offer excellent magnetic flow conductivity
    9. Chromed back plate finish
    10. Hard core bolt driven terminals
    11. Compressed and air tight gasket ring
    12. Laser etched, machined and chromed back plate

    *RMS 750-1500 WATT
    *2-1/2 inch voice coil
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