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Rosen 10" Flipdown Video

Rosen 10" Flipdown Video

$825.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
10.2” Overhead Video w/built-in video games

The Z-10 features the finest LCD flat panel monitor w/ (25) 16 bit action-packed video games. Wireless game controller, 16:9 wide-screen format, auto dim at night or brightens during the day via built in photo cell! 4 Simulated SURROUND SOUND modes. Auto resume, 2 wireless headphones with built in noise reduction. *Full FM Band wireless transmitter


10.2” wide-screen LCD display AND side-load DVD/CD/MP3 player
(25) 16-bit, all-age friendly video games built into the overhead pod
ALL-Channel wireless FM transmitter to connect to the vehicles audio system
Overhead pod mounted system controls and AUX mini-jack w/ RCA adaptor cable
Dual Hi-intensity dome lights with 3-way switch (ON-AUTO-OFF)
You can add 1 additional slave screen & source unit
Available in Neutral/Tan or Warm Gray to compliment all vehicle headlines
Other system features include:
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