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Rosen 8.5" Flipdown Video

Rosen 8.5" Flipdown Video

$650.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
8.5” Overhead video

Play DVD movies, CD audio discs, your homemade MP3 music discs, and the family photo album in JPEG format on the integrated drive with lighted disc guide. The DVD formatted 16:9 Wide-Screen, flat-panel LCD displays, presents ultra-crisp images for optimum viewing pleasure.


8.5” wide-screen LCD display AND front-load DVD/CD/MP3 player
ALL-Channel wireless FM transmitter to connect to the vehicles audio system
Overhead pod mounted system controls and AUX mini-jack w/ RCA adaptor cable
Dual Hi-intensity dome lights with 3-way switch (ON-AUTO-OFF)
You can add 1 additional slave screen & source unit
Available in Neutral/Tan or Warm Gray to compliment all vehicle headlines
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