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Stetsom STX2448

Stetsom STX2448

$374.99 Regular Price
$249.99Sale Price
Features STX2448
Number of processors (DSPs)1
Input Channels2
Output Channels4
Input Gain✖
Output Gain:✔
Master Level0 ~ 100%
Graphic Equalizer15 Bandas (Band)
Graphic Equalizer presets15
Parametric Equalizer Input1
Parametric Equalizer Output1 / Saída (Total: 4)
RoutingA,B / A+B
Crossover Bessel (dB/8ª)✖
Crossover Butterworth (dB/8ª)12/18/24/36/48
Crossover Linkwitz-Riley (dB/8ª)12/18/24/36/48
Automatic Attack/Release✔
Manual Attack/Release✖
Delay0 ~ 180°
Frequency Generator✔
Frequency scan✔
DisplayLCD16x2 Caracteres/Characters
Screen saverTexto/Text
Security Password✔
Frequency Response10Hz ~ 22,5KHz @ -1 dB
Latency1,08 ms
Signal to Noise>90 dB
Channel Separation>80 dB
Maximum Input Voltage4,5 Vpp (+6,3 dBu)
Maximum Output Voltage4,5 Vpp (+6,3 dBu)
Supply Voltage10V ~ 15V DC
Auxiliary Supply Voltage✖
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm37 x 200 x 101 mm
Weight Kg0.455
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