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Bronco Door Speaker Wiring Kit

Bronco Door Speaker Wiring Kit


This kit gives you everything you need to add speakers to the doors of your 2021 to 2023 Bronco. Each kit will do one pair of speakers. There is no drilling of the body involved and all pass thrus are done thru rubber gromets or plastic inserts. The kit includes:

1. (4) 2 ft sections of speaker wire

2. (2) Female to Female RCA bulkhead connectors

3. (4) RCA heads with lockdown connectors (solder free)

4. (2) 1.5" clear heatshrink sleeves

5. (2) dielectric grease tubes


Optional additions:

1. Rubber grommet cutting tool (HERE)

2. Precut Soundskins deadener 


QR Code on package will give you access to the Video instructions as well as the PDF instructions. You can view them here, to determine if you think the install is within your skill level.



These kits are non-refundable or returnable due to the nature of the items.



This kit is only good for a single channel of audio to be passed thru. This means you must have a passive crossover on the tweeter. If using a component set you will want to use one with "breakaway" crossovers meaning a seperate board for the woofer and tweeter. Due to the size of most passive crossovers it will be very rare that you can fit a full crossover inside the pod housing. If you are using a full sized passive crossover you will need to mount it inside the door itself.

  • Difficulty Level

    This kit requires the user to have patience and basic skills of disassembly and basic tools. If for any reason you feel that this is beyond your abilities please seek out profesional installation.

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