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Random Videos from Pimp My Ride and Other Outlets

I miss working with all the people I was lucky enough to meet and the talent I was exposed to. If your reading this you know who you are.

Local News Station Covering My Appearence for "Pimp My Ride"

Built a custom KIA for the KIA company and toured the country with it doing autographs.

Promo Video of my Chrysler 300c

This is my personal vehicle and its always changing!


Pimp My Ride

Mad Mike dancing with a TV

Blazer Build from

"Pimp My Ride" (behind the scenes)

A video I took after the Blazer was finished before we did the reveal.

Interview I Did for MP3

Went to a gathering of geeks that puts computers in places they shouldnt be.

Build Log of my Chrysler 300c

Showing the steps it took to finish the car. It was built in my garage in 2 weeks.

Video I took of Xzibit rapping between us filming scens

I got my own personal concert in the parking lot. Xzibit was 100% legit and a nice guy.

Michael Douglas Golf Cart I built for his annual Golf Charity event

A video I took because I was sick of people taking credit for my work.

Promo Video For Galpin Auto Sports

As you watch the video I was involved in about 75% of the cars the one dancing next to Mad Mike at 1:53.

MY PC install in my Chevy Avalanche for MP3

Walk thru video of my in car PC I built

My Sell Out Moment!!

Yep.....I sold my soul :)

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